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1What are the services we provide?

Our services begin from the moment we receive the first e-mail or phone call until the end of trip. Listening and answering all questions, offering unique perspectives, provide relevant advice such as where to go, where not to go, which hotels, most appropriate private tours, etc.. We advise, suggest and recommend everything and anything that we think will make your stay in Spain the trip of a lifetime.

You want travel to Spain but you are not clear where to go in the time you have? This depends on many factors, for example: the time of year, how many days you have in Spain, how many people, if there are any children traveling, what your particular interests are, how active you like to be, whether this is your first trip to Spain or not, if you are willing to self-drive a rental car, whether there are any local holidays, what airport you fly into and out of Spain. Once we know what you seek from your trip, what your interests and preferences are, and an estimated budget we are in a much better position to advise. So, get in touch with us and we’ll answer you back this question and much more!

2What do we provide on the confirmation of the trip?

Once the trip is booked, we provide detailed documentation such as: Hotel vouchers, City Maps for all places visited, recommendations, etc.. as well as our emergency phone number. The Day-to-Day arrangements information sheet. This has all the key information about the private tours; meeting times, meeting places, guides’ names and contact information, pick up times for the transfers etc. Once in Spain, we are here to help with anything that may arise.

3Prices, Fees, Etc..

Why do we not show prices on our website for hotels? The answer is very simple. Nowadays hotel prices in Spain are changing daily. Good offers come along all of the time. We continually strive to find the best deal for each client at only those hotels we know meet our high standards for service, comfort, facilities and location. For this reason we do not show prices and it is for this reason also that we require a guideline to your budget. That way we can source the very best hotels that come within that budget. We have specially contracted rates with each hotel we work with but we also have access to some exceptional offers. We often can get 4 & 5 star hotels cheaper than 2 & 3 star hotels.

Can we give you an itemized bill with everything broken down? The cost of your trip is inclusive of all accommodation, breakfasts, private touring, taxes, and our services, for which we are unable to provide a breakdown. The rates we have with our services providers are confidential.

When we cost a trip for a client especially one that may combine a variety of hotels and other services in different locations, we obtain the best rates using our various sources so as to come up with the most competitive price. With many of our hotels we work with confidentially negotiated tariffs which may only be used in conjunction with a package combining other hotels and services. We are not permitted to expose these rates and were each hotel booked separately they would cost more than when booked as a package.

Do we book airline tickets? We do not arrange international flight tickets; however we can book the domestic flights in Spain and we will charge an operation fee, or you can book them yourself, as you prefer.

Can we arrange car rental and train tickets?  Yes, once all accommodation has been finalized, we can make all transport arrangements within Spain including tickets for the AVE (high speed train) and car rentals with GPS. We work with Avis and other major rental car companies.

Are your hotel booking guaranteed? All of our client´s hotel bookings are guaranteed by our bond or prepayment in case of be require for some specific property where we do not have contract. Our method of doing business insures that all of our client´s reservations are guaranteed. All our clients can rest assured that we do not take such risks. We pride ourselves on having satisfied clients and the only way to do this is by ensuring that the trip they have booked with us is guaranteed.

Do we offer discounts for children? Most hotels offer discounts for children depending on the room requirements. If you are travelling with children, let us know and we will recommend those hotels that offer the best discounts, have connecting rooms or suites, and are child friendly.

4What assurances can we give you about “Click on Line Reservations System & IMAGINE by Click” being a legitimate company?

“Click on Line Reservations System & Imagine by Click ”  is a licensed and bonded travel company which protects each of its clients by fulfilling every legal, financial and insurance obligation required under Spanish law. Furthermore, each of our providers has been inspected and is approved by the Spanish Government or, in the case of the autonomous communities, their respective local governments. Our License Number is CICMA 1044 and our Fiscal Number is A-82069246. Our main office address is Avda de la Victoria, 126. Madrid 28023. Spain.

Click on Line Reservations System & Imagine by Click have been operating since 1983 and have established a reputation as being one of Spain’s most professional and specialist inbound travel companies. For endorsements, we would be happy to provide you with references from those who have traveled with us, as well as from some of the world’s most prestigious travel companies who entrust their clients to us.

5Are we an on-line agency?

Although the name of “Click on Line” may lead some confusion, we are not an on-line agency. We are a specialist travel company with a dedicated staff and four offices (Two offices in Madrid, one in Barcelona and other in the Costa del Sol). Our Team of experts on Spain always will offer unique insights and the advice to help create the perfect trip.

* The name of “Click on Line Reservations System” comes from being the first on-line FIT confidential reservation system for Tour Operators and travel agents exclusively.

6Do we arrange travel insurance?

No. Although we don’t arrange travel insurance ourselves, we strongly recommend that you travel with an adequate form of insurance, covering all eventualities. If you are going to participate in adventure activities, where there is a risk of injury, do check that your policy covers you.

Please refer to our Booking Conditions for details on cancellation fees/refunds etc