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Asturias – Picos de Europa


If there’s such a thing as the perfect combination of culture, nature and gastronomy, then you’ll find it in Asturias. The first thing to catch your attention when you travel to this region in what is known as Green Spain is its spectacular scenery. This can be seen in places such as the Picos de Europa National Park, and at one of its most legendary sites: the Covadonga Lakes. As well as the mountains, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful beaches in holiday resorts such as Llanes, Ribadesella, Gijón and Cudillero. These magnificent settings are ideal for contemplating from any of the numerous viewing points, or for enjoying a range of water sports such as surfing.

Gastronomy in Asturias is synonymous with a total dedication to the cult of good food. Cabrales cheese, the typical Asturian bean stew known as “fabada”, cider made from local apples… There are a whole host of typical dishes and products that are guaranteed to leave visitors with a delicious aftertaste. Its cultural attractions include a range of important monuments in Oviedo and in the Kingdom of Asturias (the delightful churches of Santa María del Naranco, San Miguel de Lillo and San Julián de Prados, for example) which have been declared World Heritage sites by the UNESCO, as well as the various archaeological sites, caves and museums of rock art to be found throughout the area, featuring spectacular paintings and engravings dating from as long ago as 25,000 years B.C.


Evidence of the rich cuisine in Asturias can be found in the myriad of festivals held throughout the year. The regional dish is fabada (a slow cooked fava bean stew). Famous also are the cheeses especially those from Cabrales and Gamonedo. The coastal waters provide a variety of shellfish and the rivers boast an abundance of salmon and trout. Cider, poured ceremoniously from a bottle held overhead, is the main local beverage and desserts such as casadielles (made with walnuts) and frixuelos (sweet pancakes with honey) also should be sampled.