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Bilbao Highlights

Bilbao highlights

Since its foundation in the early 14th century, Bilbao grew up in an environment of heavy industry and industrial wastelands. But, like the kid who made it big, Bilbao’s paid off when an investments left it with a shimmering titanium fish called the Museo Guggenheim and a horde of arty groupies around the world. The Botxo (Hole), as it’s fondly known to its inhabitants, has now matured into its role of major European art centre. However, in doing so, it has not gone boasting and forgotten its past and it remains a hard-working that has real character. It’s this soul, rather than its plethora of art galleries, that is the real attraction of the vital, exciting and cultured city of Bilbao.

Day 1: Bilbao

Arrival to Bilbao and transfer to your hotel.

A Pintxos Tour through the historical city center of Bilbao as the best introduction to the local gastronomy and wines of Basque Country.

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Day 2: Bilbao

Day to explore Bilbao with a guided visit to the Guggenheim museum and historical quarter. A not to be missed is the “Puente Bizcaia“ (the hanging bridge of Portugalete) recently appointed a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

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Day 3: Bilbao/OPTIONS

We suggest you to enjoy a full day excursion to visit San Sebastian (Donostia) and visit the old quarter, the market of La Bretxa following we might go to a gastronomic society. Gastronomic societies (txoko in Basque) are at the very heart of Basque cuisine. Traditionally they are only open to male members who come together to cook, experiment with ingredients, eat and socialise with friends and family. Or perhaps maybe you would rather explore the charming fishing villages near Bilbao such as Bermeo, Elantxobe or Lekeitio.

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Day 4: Bilbao