About Spain



If you’re thinking of planning a getaway to Cantabria in what is known as Green Spain, you can look forward to enjoying a trip full of natural landscapes, excellent gastronomy and a unique artistic and architectural heritage. This northern part of Spain is home to various prehistoric caves, of which the most famous of all is Altamira, awarded the World Heritage designation and known as the “Sistine Chapel of Prehistoric Art”. Cantabria also lies on the famous Way of Saint James pilgrim route, and its towns and villages contain a wealth of beautiful monuments such as the Magdalena Palace in Santander, the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana or Gaudí’s “Capricho” monument in Comillas.

You’ll also marvel at the spectacular landscapes, as the coast of Cantabria offers over 60 beaches with fine white sand in holiday resorts such as Laredo and San Vicente de la Barquera. And further inland, as well as its various nature reserves, nobody should miss a visit to the Picos de Europa National Park, the ideal place for adventure sports.
An additional attraction when visiting this area is its first-rate gastronomy. You’ll be able to sample typical dishes such as the bean stew known as “cocido montañés”, “sobaos” (sponge cakes) and the “quesada pasiega” cheesecake. And to relax, what could be better than one of its famous spa resorts?


Cantabria is the land of fresh products of the best quality and variety, thanks to its excellent geographical conditions: sea, mountains, rivers and forests. In Cantabria´s mountain areas enjoy a typical cocido montanes; a bean stew made with chorizo and black pudding. In the Liebana valley, chickpeas are used instead of beans. Along the Cantabrian coast, delicious stews are made with tuna, potatoes, onion, peppers and tomato. Favourite fish dishes in Cantabria include hake, turbot, tuna and sardines. Anchovies from Santona are especially prized by Cantabrians. Shellfish specialities include spider crab, clams, and small shore crabs.