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If you ask any Spaniard what his/her favourite tapa is, then almost all will tell you potato omelette. Would you like to know why? Because this is one of Spain’s most popular bites. The recipe is simple: eggs, potatoes salt and olive oil. Its full, succulent texture form a delicious combination that you will find in any bar. With onion, pepper, served on bread, in a baguette, on its own… There are thousands of ways to savour this dish and they are all mouth-watering.

 Ways to savour it

Whatever your culinary preferences, you are bound to like potato omelette, universally known as “tortilla española” (Spanish omelette). Although its historical origins are not known for sure, it is now a traditional recipe all over Spain and a vital ingredient for get-together with family and friends, or for outings in the countryside. Try it at bars and restaurants in Spain – they will be able to prepare it in many different ways: with spicy sauce or mayonnaise, with chorizo sausage, tuna, onion. Which sounds tastiest to you?

Presentation can also make these omelettes vary enormously: as a second course served with Iberian cured ham, asparagus, salad or peppers and a good wine, in small pieces as a snack, as a tapa, or in a baguette… What is more, however you have it served, it will be reasonably priced.

Cooking at home

Once you have tried it, you are sure to want to learn to make it yourself. Check our recipe and it will be easy. You decide on the thickness, and whether you want to eat it hot or cold. Give it your own personal touch, with a soft, succulent interior and a delicious, toasted exterior.

When and where

Any time is ideal to try a potato omelette in Spain, as it can also be served as accompaniment to many kinds of food. In summer it is popular on Spanish terrace bars while throughout the winter you will find it served at establishments specialising in the dish. Although each region has its own method of preparation using different ingredients, you will love them all for their characteristic aroma, texture and flavour. Even internationally famous chefs such as Ferran Adrià have reinvented the recipe to serve it at their prestigious restaurants.

Summing up, the potato omelette is a dish not to be missed if you want to discover Spain’s gastronomic traditions. It is a simple recipe that is a real delight for the palate and within reach of every budget. Bon appetit.

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