Sobre España

Basque Country


The home of among the world’s finest food, beaches in natural settings, avant-garde architecture… This area in northern Spain is the ideal place for an all-round visit. If you go to the Basque country you absolutely have to try the famous “pintxos”: miniature morsels of “haute cuisine” which you’ll see displayed in all their glory on the counters of numerous bars. You’ll also find several restaurants run by some of the standard-bearers of the new Spanish cuisine. And if you’d like something delicious to drink, why not try any of the wines from the Rioja Alavesa region?

Also worth a special mention are its beautiful coastal destinations with such well-known places as San Sebastián, Zarautz and Getxo, así como ciudades del interior como Vitoria y Bilbao. Esta última ubicación es hogar de innovadores edificios como el Museo Guggenheim, que ha recibido la aclamación internacional. No te lo pierdas, o el espectacular puente colgante de Vizcaya, con la designación de patrimonio mundial. Qué es más, los amantes de la cultura bien aconsejan no te pierdas el famoso San Sebastián Festival Internacional de cine celebrado en el Auditorio del Kursaal.
Y añadido a todo esto, el país Vasco tiene una gama de espectaculares recursos naturales (reservas naturales y reservas de la Biosfera) que hacen de este el lugar perfecto para practicar deportes, y otra buena razón para emprender la ruta popular de peregrinos camino de Santiago que atraviesa esta parte de España.


Cocina vasca, sin lugar a dudas, es el mejor en España. It consists primarily of products from the sea: baked sea bream, spider crab, salted cod, baby eels, marmitako (a stew made from tuna and potatoes) and sardines. Other typical dishes include dried beans from Tolosa, green peppers from Gernika, truffles from Campezo, sardines from Hondarribia, cheese from Idiazabal and marmitako from Bermeo and Lekeitio. Wines from Rioja Alavesa are outstanding as are liqueurs such as pacharan (made from anise and sloe berries), txakoli white wine and traditional apple cider.

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